Urgent help

The urgent medical teams of MHAT “Hadji Dimitar” are available 24 hours a day to those in need of urgent help. They respond to the address after calling the emergency phone number: 044 / 618 024. We provide continuous consultations by telephone to the patients, who has the mandatory health insurance, these consultations can take place in the hospital or at home at the discretion of the patient's own GP, under the existing regulations in the following way: Together with Dr. Stefan Panayotov, Dr. Galina Bogdanova, Dr. Podora Satine, Dr. Zdravko Zlatanov and Dr. Dian Kolev. Consultations will be made on tel: 044/618-000, 044/618-024 or as emailing to: gppmp_dkc@abv.bg Teams of the Hospital are providing home visits to patients. The service was developed in two directions - for emergency and elective medical procedures and activities which can be performed at home.